Is this Love?

Spend $2 before spending thoushond$ on a diamong ring!

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WARNING! Are your ready for the answer?

  • Before spending thousands of dollars on a diamond ring! 
  • Before you book your vacation! 
  • Before you say Yes!  
  • Before it is too late!!  

This test is gender identity and sexual orientation inclusive.   

Is this love? You are about to Find OUT!  

There are Seven Questions, each requires a Yes or No answer. Simply answer with your most candid heart and keep track of your score by allowing yourself 1 point for every ‘Yes’ and Zero point for ‘No’ answers.

There are Seven Questions, each requires a Yes or No answer.  

It can take less than a minute to complete.  

Is this love?  Click below to Find OUT 

What is your score?

The result is only a number, what counts is how you interpret your own result.

This non-scientific test is meant to give you a rating or a point of measure on a gauge that can be a stepping stone for improvement.

Knowing where you are to be empowered to visualize and plan where you wish to be and, how to get to this state of being easily.       

About the Creators of the Test

Etienne and Mario

The picture is of my husband Mario and I, on our wedding day.  

Mario, on the left hand side of the picture, and I have created and tested this test. 

It has worked and keeps working for us for more than 10 years now.  


WHAT I DO:  I am a Relationship Coach. I help my clients to find love.  

HOW I DO IT: My coaching is based on Loving Yourself First, mastering the art of harmonizing the Seven Colours of Love: welcoming, forgiveness, trust, freedom, respect, generosity and, awareness.   

WHY IT WORKS:  Loving Yourself First works and is essential because unless you can truly love yourself first, sadly, you cannot love nor receive any love, from anyone. It starts by you loving you.   

SPECIALTY: I help my clients, other gay men, to find true love and to live OUT and Happy. I am the author of the forthcoming book ‘How to Love Yourself First and Live OUT and Happy!’   

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