WARNING! Are you ready for the answer?

Love or toxic relationship?

  • Before moving in together
  • Before meeting "the parents"
  • Before $pending thousand$ on a diamond ring! 
  • Before you book your vacation! 
  • Before you say Yes!    
  • Before it is too late!
  • Before moving OUT! 

This test is for all gender identities.   

What to expect?

This test can be completed in 7 minutes. 

Yes, love can be measured!  

The philosophy behind the test is based on the belief that you can only love others as much as you love yourself.     

There are Seven Questions, each requires a Yes or No answer.  

The questions are designed to bring you to evaluate your relationship in regards to the Seven Colours of Love™:  

- welcoming, 

- forgiveness, 

- trust, 

- freedom, 

- respect, 

- generosity and 

- awareness.   

Just like a tomato sauce needs tomatoes to be a tomato sauce; love needs the Seven Colours of love™ to be love.  

Otherwise, it's not love!       

WARNING! Brace yourself! You’re about to find OUT!

About Us

About the Creators of the Test | Mario & Etienne

The picture is of my husband Mario and I, on our wedding day. Mario, left hand side of the picture, and I have created and personally tested this test based on harmonizing the Seven Colours of Love™.  

The harmony has worked for us and keeps working since more than10 years… 

Etienne Dionne | Relationship Coach

WHAT I DO: I am a Relationship Coach. I help my clients to live true love. 

HOW I DO IT: My coaching is based on the importance to Love Yourself First™: mastering the art of harmonizing the Seven Colours of Love™: welcoming, forgiveness, trust, freedom, respect, generosity and, awareness. 

WHY IT WORKS: Self-love is essential to loving anyone else. We can only love someone else as much as we love ourselves; hence the importance to Love Yourself First™ completely.   

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with gay men on a quest to live OUT and Happy!

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How to access the Test

When you click on "Is this love? Click Here to find out" you will be redirected to ClassMarker website to purchase a ONE time access to complete the Test.  


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